Before you begin (File AR – external company)

Welcome to the annual return filing service.

The system will guide you to confirm that the corporate information of this company is correct and up-to-date. Only the mobile phone numbers and email addresses of the company are editable within this service, including Omang (ID) verification.

Should you find that any other information is not up to date, you will be required to exit the annual return service; make the corrections on the company (through maintenance services) and then return to the annual return service to file.

Every Company must file an annual return with CIPA every year on its original month of incorporation. Filing an annual return confirms that the company is still in existence and that the details held on the Register are up to date. The annual return must be filed (including payment) by the due date.

If the annual return is not filed this month, the company will be automatically removed from the Register. Companies that are removed from the Register for non-compliance to annual returns will have to pay a restoration fee of P2000 as well as all outstanding annual return(s) fee(s) in order to be restored to the register