Before you begin

Before you begin

Please ensure you have the following information:

  • Proof of Botswana Citizen – OMANG number and scanned copy of your OMANG Id
  • Proof of Non-Botswana Citizen – e.g. copy of your passport
  • Copy of Constitution if applicable (mandatory for Limited by Guarantee Companies)
  • Appointment dates for Directors/Secretaries/Auditors/Shareholders.

All scanned copies and documents for upload must be in PDF, JPG or PNG file format. The maximum file size allowed is 10MB.

Note: Mobile number and Email is mandatory

All payments are in Botswana currency (BWP = Botswana Pula) and methods of payment include credit card and deposit account

Disclaimer: Please use the latest Company information that is held on the physical Company file at CIPA otherwise where changes to the information have been made but not notified to the Registrar, kindly provide the latest updates as per the requirements of the Companies Act.

We recommend you use the latest versions of your browser for maximum security. For the best experience we recommend:

  • Chrome 18 and later
  • Firefox 24 and later
  • Safari 7 or later
  • Microsoft Edge.