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A trademark is a sign which differentiate the goods or services of one business from those of the other. A trademark may consist of words, logo, letters, numerals, slogans, devices or any combination thereof.

Examples of Trademarks

Word mark e.g. MICROSOFT


Numerals (numbers)


Our pride your destination



Filing of a trademark

You fill Form 11. Click here to see Form 11 guide.
For Part V on Form 11 click nice classification for the list of the goods and or services on which you plan to use your trademark
Write a cover letter/application letter (include your personal details and request to the Registrar to file an application)
Submit to the registrar the application letter attaching Form 11.
Refer to the schedule of fees

NB: Appoint agent in case of foreign applicants (Applies where principal place of business is outside Botswana) (citizens optional).

Agents is an attorney who has been enrolled to practise in the Courts of Botswana or persons prescribed by the Minister.

The Online Business Registration System remains available 24/7 for registrations, annual returns and maintenance
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