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Changes to Company Shareholding

Transfer of Shares

A transfer of shares is when company shares are transferred from one shareholder to another or when a shareholder sells their shares to another. The total number of shares held in the Company does not increase.

Issues of Shares

This is when a company issues/sells new shares in order to increase company capital. The shares can be bought either by existing shareholders or by new shareholders. The total number of shares held in the Company will increase.

Acquisition of Shares

This is when the Company buys back the shares from some or all of the existing shareholders for later re-distribution. The total number of shares held in the company does not increase or decrease. 

Redemption of Shares

 A redemption of shares occurs when a company buys back the preference shares that had been issued to to an investor for a specific period. The investor cashes in on the the investment they had made. 

Userguides for these services on the OBRS are available here on the Information Centre section of the website here:

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