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Collective management of rights (COSBOTS)

Section 36A of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act establishes the Copyright Society of Botswana (COSBOTS) as a non-profit making company registered under the Companies Act 42:01.  COSBOTS is a multi-purpose collective management organization. It represents various category of works protected under the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act CAP. Section 36 A (2) prescribes the mandate of COSBOTS which includes negotiation and granting of licenses for use of works in all scopes be it musical, literacy, etc., set rates of royalties in accordance with international standards and collect royalties on behalf of right-holders and distribute the same according to set rates. COSBOTS was established in 2008 and it licenses out the use of works on behalf of its members, collects royalties and distribute royalties to its members.

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