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Starting a business in Botswana

The Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) is the first port of call for anyone who wants to start a business in Botswana.  CIPA facilitates the registration of Business names and Companies for individuals, groups or corporations in accordance with the Companies Act and the Registration of Business Names Act.

Registration of a company or a business name is important in that it gives exclusive rights to the use of the name and it also gives it recognition as a legal entity.  Registered companies and business names are an important aspect of the economy because people can use them to trade and also seek tenders for jobs , provision of supplies, services etc both from government and the private sector.

To give identity to your business one needs to register a company or a business name with CIPA. A business name is a trading style, a name, title, or a description under which a business is carried  while a company is a legal entity which arises when one or more persons form a corporate body which acquires a personality separate from that of its members with legal powers to sue, or be sued, own property and make contracts.  A company can have various business names registered under it, which means that a company can own a business name.

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