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What is intellectual Property

Intellectual Property refers to the creations of the mind where the owner is given exclusive economic rights in their creations, in order to stimulate technically and socially valuable and innovative contributions to society. It includes such things as inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, images, names, and designs.

Intellectual Property (IP) is divided into two categories:

  • Industrial Property
  • Copyright

Industrial Property is the term given to rights which are given as an exclusive monopoly on exploitation and is obtained through registration. Industrial propriety rights are valuable rights for businesses, and protecting these rights promotes innovation that can provide a firm with a competitive advantage.

In Botswana Industrial Property rights are protected through the Industrial Property Act, 2010 and rights covered under this Act include trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs, geographical indications, traditional knowledge and integrated circuits.

Copyright is the exclusive right acquired by authors, artists and other creators for their literary and artistic creations, such as novels, poems, plays, films, musical works, drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, architecture, films, computer programs, video games and original databases etc.

In Botswana Copyright is protected through the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act, 2008. Copyright protection does not require registration

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