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Before you begin: Restoration

This service allows a user to submit an application to restore a company to the register, where the company was removed from the register. This service is applicable where

  • A company was removed for failure to file an annual return. You will be required to complete, scan and upload the annual return form (and any other supporting documents) as well pay a restoration fee and the outstanding annual return fee.

  • A company was voluntarily removed from the register. You will be required to upload supporting documents (court order/letter/resolution) as well as pay the restoration fee.

Please note that as you proceed with the service you will be adviced if your company name is still available. If it is no longer available, you will be requested to change the name.

Changing the name will not create a new entity, and you will return your Unique Identification number (company number).

A kind reminder: depositing P500 into the CIPA Bank Account or paying P500 at CIPA offices is only one half of the annual return process. You must also file the annual return online before the deadline to avoid removal from the register. Email for assistance.
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