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Before begin (Transfer of shares)

Before you begin

This service allows a user to submit a transfer of shares to the Registrar where shares are transferred between Shareholders. A user may

  • Transfer all shares held resulting in Cessation/removal of existing shareholders.
  • Transfer shares to a new shareholder(s).
  • Transfer shares between existing shareholders.

Please ensure that you have the following documents:

  • ID details for all new shareholders (Omang number for citizens or national ID/passport copy for non-citizens.)
  • Shareholder’s Consent Form for an existing company for all new shareholders.
  • Copy of an extract from the share register (NB: A Share Register should be kept by the Company Secretary).

This service cannot be used to change the total number of shares held by the company (refer to the issue of shares/reduction of shares services).

NB: If the transfer of shares is done between existing shareholders, the Register will be automatically updated.

If a new shareholder is added, the request will be sent to CIPA for review and a response given within 24 hours.

Did you know that business names must be renewed every three years? The renewal date is the month of registration. Log in and check the status of your business name now!
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