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Re-register your existing company today

From 3rd of June 2019, all registered companies and business names are required by the new law to re-register their entities. The re-registration will only run for 12 months, and any companies and business names that fail to re-register will be de-registered at the end of the re-registration period.  It’s very easy and approval is instant. 

To re-register:

1. Login with your previously created profile 
2. Search for and click on the company or business name you wish to re-register.
3. Click on the ‘Re-register now’ link.
For more help learn how to re-register here.
You cant find your company? Please contact CIPA Compliance for further assistance.

Ready to enjoy company registration from a click of button!!

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A brand/logo that is officially registered is legally protected and is safeguarded against others using the same or similar mark without authorisation. Email to find out how to register and protect your brand.
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