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Re-register your existing company today

From 3rd of June 2019, all registered companies and business names are required by the new law to re-register their entities. The re-registration will only run for 12 months, and any companies and business names that fail to re-register will be de-registered at the end of the re-registration period.  It’s very easy and approval is instant. 

To re-register:

1. Login with your previously created profile 
2. Search for and click on the company or business name you wish to re-register.
3. Click on the ‘Re-register now’ link.
For more help learn how to re-register here.
You cant find your company? Please contact CIPA Compliance for further assistance.

Ready to enjoy company registration from a click of button!!

Note: OBRS works best on Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Online payment
Non-Online payment
  • Cash deposit at CIPA and FNB Offices
SMS notifications
  • Receive notifications via Mascom, beMobile and Orange
Email notifications
  • Receive certificates, notifications and other updates using your email


All companies removed from the register on 11th October 2020 are advised that they can restore without a late payment penalty by paying the annual return fee of P500 before the 31st October 2020. Please email for the bank account details or visit the nearest CIPA office.
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