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How to Re-register a Company on the OBRS

Before you begin please ensure that you have:

  • Proof of Botswana Citizenship – OMANG for all parties
  • Proof of Non-Botswana Citizen – e.g. passport
  • The mobile numbers and email addresses of all directors/shareholders/secretaries/members.
  • The appointment dates of all directors/shareholders/secretaries/members.

Please note that you should provide only the latest information of the company. Do not provide any historical information.

Login with your previously created profile and click on the search menu. Search for and click on the company you wish to re-register.

Click on Re-register Now.

Step 1 of 8:  General Details

  • Confirm that the name and company number are correct, as per your old certificate. If they are different, please cancel and search again for your correct company.  If correct, please proceed.
  • If you have a constitution select YES and upload it. If not, select NO. (mandatory for Limited by Guarantee companies).
  • Select whether you company is Exempt or Non-exempt as per the definition provided on the system.

Step 2 of 8:  Address and Contact Details

  • Enter the Registered office Address of the company.
  • Enter the postal address of the company.
  • Enter the Principal Place of Business of the company.
  • Enter the phone number and email address of the company.

Step 3 of 8:  Directors

  • Provide the details of all the directors of the company, including their appointment dates.

Step 4 of 8:  Secretaries

  • Provide the details of the secretary of the company, including their appointment date. This is mandatory for all companies that are re-registering, and is a requirement to comply with the Companies Act. Please ensure that the secretary provided is a qualified secretary with a valid practicing certificate.

Step 5 of 8: Auditors

  • Provide the details of the auditor of the company if one has been appointed. If not, continue. 

Step 6 of 8: Shareholders

  • Provide the details of all the shareholders of the company, including their appointment dates. Where shareholders are not the beneficial owners, a beneficial owner must be provided (refer to definition at

Step 7 of 8: Share Allocations

  • Allocate shares to each shareholder.

Step 8 of 8: Review your details

  • Review all the details provided and edit any if you need to.
  • Tick the box to confirm that all the details you provided are true, and that all parties have provided their consent.
  • Click submit.


Select whether you are paying by credit/debit card or deposit account.

  • For a credit/debit: you can use any card issued by your bank as well as the VISA cards issued by Orange Money or Mascom My Zaka.
  • For a deposit account: you will need to visit CIPA offices or First National Bank and deposit a sum into the deposit account.
  • Please read the terms and conditions for making a payment and tick to agree.
  • Click on Pay Now
  • Enter your card details or select your deposit account and pay.

After paying, your company will automatically be re-registered if all parties are citizens of Botswana. The application will be sent to CIPA for review if the company has non-citizens. This will take 24 hours. Once the application is approved, you will get an sms notifying you of this, as well as an email with your certificate of incorporation attached. You can go to your dashboard at any time, click on the company on My Portfolio and request a PDF of the certificate. You do not need to certify the certificate as it is available online for anyone to view.

A brand/logo that is officially registered is legally protected and is safeguarded against others using the same or similar mark without authorisation. Email to find out how to register and protect your brand.
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