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Maintain Secretary Details


This service allows changes to the Secretary details of a Company to be made. Existing Secretary’s details can be updated, existing Secretaries can be ceased and new Secretaries can be appointed. Please note that only authorised users can make changes.

1. Visit and log onto the OBRS.
2. On your Portfolio on your dashboard click on the Company whose details you wish to change.
3. Click on SECRETARIES (to the left).
4. Click on EDIT DETAILS (to the right).
6. Read the BEFORE YOU BEGIN information and click CONTINUE.
7. To edit the information of an existing Secretary click on EDIT. To remove an existing Secretary click on CEASE. To appoint a new Secretary, please click on INDIVIDUAL (to add a natural person as a secretary), or click on REGISTERED COMPANY (to add a registered company as a secretary) or click on OTHER (to add a firm as a secretary). When appointing a new Secretary, you will need to upload a consent form as well as a practicing certificate (one upload). Consent Forms can be found on the website under Quick Links/Forms and Downloads.

8. Tick the declaration box to confirm that you are authorised to make the changes and submit.

• Ceasing a Secretary and editing contact and address information will automatically update the register.
• Appointing a new Secretary will create a task for CIPA to review and a response will be given within 24 hours.

A brand/logo that is officially registered is legally protected and is safeguarded against others using the same or similar mark without authorisation. Email to find out how to register and protect your brand.
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